Shared LTX Masternode


The main problem to start a Masternode

There are two main problems to start a masternode

Not everyone has the coins needed to start a masternode

Not everyone has the knowledge to start a masternode

How to solve this

We have created a system of division of quotas to which corresponds a proportionate reward

We have activated a shared installation service

LTX Shared Masternode

We started this adventure by dividing our masternodes into shares, sharing the installation

VPS Rental Service

Space vps rental service to install your masternode.

The team will provide for the installation and daily verification of your masternode

Hosting Masternode Service

We want to implement this service by sharing and also splitting the installation of the masternode of other coins


Currently fees for shared LTX masternodes are 1%

Hosting Masternode Service price is visibile below each one

Ask via mail for vps rental price. You will pay in LTX

The updates of the rewards coins distributed will be published weekly

Shared LTX Masternode Details

Shared Nr1

Start at 9/11/2018

Shared Nr2

Start at 12/11/2018

Shared Nr3

Starta at 25/11/2018

Shared Nr4

Start at 11/12/2018

Shared Nr5

Start at 19/12/2018

Shared Nr 6

Start at 18/01/2019

Shared Nr7

Start at 20/02/2019

Shared Nr8

Start at 20/02/2019

Shared Nr 9

Soon available